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Instead of Sales Driving Reporting

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Far too many companies are still relying on traditional sales training to grow their businesses.  Buying into all the “experts” claiming they have all the answers to all your sales problems. With no real commitment to the end result after they leave.

At Edward Henry Company we are committed to the entire process from onboarding to adoption.  Systematically increasing revenue and efficiency while reducing wasted time and resources.

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A Systematic Approach To Selling

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Our program is designed to reduce time spent on non selling activity which will shorten your sales cycles so that your customers will buy faster. We will show you how to hold your customer accountable by setting next step expectations while maintaining complete transparency throughout the selling process.
Don't Rush
Set The Mutual Expectations
Set The Next Step Before Ending Each Touchpoint
Keep Touchpoints To a Minimum
Don't Give The Customer Work!
Simple Processes create reproducible results

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is your business suffering from poor sales?

Most businesses don't actually have a sales problem. They have a systems problem!

A thorough sales training system will revolutionize your business. The sales department in any business is the main element of production. It drives the business, but it is important to remember that sales is still production! It requires the same quality assurance, processes, testing, and control plans that are required by manufacturing companies. If you look at most elements of production, a control plan refers to the overall process that needs to managed.  There are so many elements that affect sales departments today that a control plan or a sales training system is required to successfully achieve sales culture.  

A simple and duplicatable plan of action can turn even an average sales rep into a star if they simply follow the process, and commit to adopting our system. Once familiarized with the system the sales rep does not need to be talented, charming or any other characteristic associated with top salespeople. They simply need to be consistent and stay plugged into the system.

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