Stop CON-vincing & Start Selling

Each principle of the Sell Honest Program is customized to meet an individual’s needs at all levels in the sales industry’. Selling Honest will enhance your skills and allow you to close your sale while being confident and passionate throughout the process. Consistent, successful selling is not about convincing. It’s about selling the truth. Read the Sell Honest Program and the results you are looking for will follow.

The Five and Five

In this book you will also be exposed to the 5 steps and 5 rules that every salesperson needs to commit to memory. The 5 and 5 has become an integral piece to our business and sets the stage for all of your sales activities. It is the guide you have always been  searching for to enhance your performance and become a leader in your  industry. Cut The Bullsh*t – Stop CON-vincing and Start Selling will help you bring back your confidence and provide the up-to-date skill development needed to thrive in your professional career.

The Results of Selling Honest

The Sell Honest Program breeds salespeople who are:

CEO at Edward Henry company

Author spotlight

Edward Henry has grown his career as a sales professional for over 30 years. The knowledge he gained from his journey to success has helped him develop his passion for selling and assist other aspiring salespeople to expand their knowledge. Edward’s experience and challenges have allowed him to find what was missing in standard selling techniques and immediately increase revenue for any organization. Edward and his team continue to promote the best way to sell, so they can see salespeople and leaders excel in the industry.

Edward Henry - Founder and CEO of Edward Henry Company

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