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Sales training services are about developing the skills, techniques, and processes  to be able to consistently create new sales opportunities and close deals. That is why we have developed a simple and thorough system for selling that will make sure you hold the customer accountable, maintain customer engagement and quickly discover the factors your customer values most.


Edward Henry Company provides a wide range of consulting experience in many different industries, different market sizes, and selling focus from B2B, C-Level, channel selling, and other complex selling models. It really doesn’t matter what kind of selling problem you are having. Edward Henry Company provides a full service selling offering from sales training, CRM implementation, CRM workflow deign, selling adoption strategies, and sales waste audits.

Peak performance
Advance peak performance sales training

CRM Workflow Design

Creating CRM workflow that is easily adopted and captures everything management needs to benefit from pipeline transparency is more than just satisfying the requirements from operations. Our process for using sales waste audits to determine best workflow and strategy for smooth adoption establishes the mapping needed for the sales efficient model that every sales leader aims for.

Outsourced Solutions

Many companies have used outsourced sales solutions as a way to launch a new product, run a pilot program, or simply rely on a outsourced firms that provides selling services and management better than the company that hires them. Some companies have experienced greater profits from using an outsourced model as compared to the infrastructure and leadership required to manage a successful sales team. 

Edward Henry Company provides an outsourced solution that can be easily adopted by the client, without the costly exit attached to traditional outsourced services. The value and advantage of EHCO’s outsourced solution is the EHCOnomics framework that is adopted by the outsourced sales team. This makes a smooth transition for the client to take over the sales team and resources by following the management cycle, and management strategy plan going forward.

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Sales Adoption

Facilitating sales training followed by sales coaching is the most common approach to sales adoption. Unfortunately making sure that salespeople do what they are trained to do when they are selling is more often a miss than a hit. Adoption unfortunately is more difficult that coaching assignments and regurgitation until something hopefully is adopted. 

Edward Henry Company separates themselves from the pack when it comes to adoption. We use the same training adoption approach as the US Military that focuses on reducing the effect of human behavior rather than trying to control human behavior. Our assessments are designed to understand the challenges and best learning path for adoption.


Sales Waste Audits

If salespeople are doing anything other than selling, it is costing the company money. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this costly sales waste but there are methods to reducing this waste through sales efficiency. EHCOnomics sales waste audits identify the sales waste, and determines the actions required to reduce that waste to a reasonable level. Imagine increasing selling time and increasing opportunities without having to spend additional acquisition costs. We assess sales waste in companies HR practices, sales staff and sales management.

sales waste

Grants & Fundin

There are so many types of funding grants that are available across Canada and the United States. Edward Henry Company provides application services for most grants unless it is required that the company is required to apply directly, Regardless, since we don’t like to give our customers work, we make sure that our clients have all the answers and help them to acquire the funding they need for their training or project for scale strategies or solutions.

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