Company overview

We wanted to be known

for something different

For years we have witnessed many companies claim they have the perfect diet pill. We know this is not the case, but when people need that very solution, they want to believe in an easier softer way to get what they are looking for.

That is the very problem that exists in marketing. No one wants to buy a program that really works that involves monitoring, strict discipline, patience, determination, accountability, work ethic, and self-honesty. That does not sound marketable to anyone that is looking to accomplish a result that looks so far away. 

This same rule applies to sales training, selling systems, and adoption strategies. We started Edward Henry Company in 2009. We were just like our competitors, and our competitors were doing the same thing as their competitors. We all claimed that we had a diet pill that did something better than our competitors, but we were presenting the same flawed solution. We were selling diet pill solutions to a customer that needed a program that truly works. In 2018, we decided that we wanted to be known for something different. 

Desire to be the best

We wanted our clients to win. We knew that traditional training approaches and the ways we were selling were not solving their problems. We know our clients wanted something and they were not getting it from us, even when they thought they were. We knew our competitors were not delivering solutions that help the client truly win. Edward Henry Company was promoted as sales nerds that like to solve process, adoption, and enablement challenges. We decided in 2018 that we would do that better than every sales training provider, and sales enablement firm.

Past, Present & Future


In 2007 Edward Henry developed the first Professional Sales Diploma Program approved by a government education authority in Canada. Ironically after developing this program, Edward realized on the very day of receiving this approval that the program itself was out of date. The emergence of technology in that year burst onto the sales profession like a pandemic. The sales professional was hit with smartphones, CRM, and social media at the same time. The adoption challenges were massive and traditional selling adoption rules for sales coaching became ineffective. Since 2007, Edward Henry focused on improving everything that he felt was wrong about selling, but in 2018 Edward made the decision to truly challenge the weak points in the selling process with the desire to be the best and give his clients something that no competitor could. 


It is called EHCOnomics. It is the result of correcting a flawed sales process that was built with the wrong approach. Ever since the sales profession existed, we have been taught that sales success was earned on the ability to discover our customer’s needs and provide them with a unique selling proposition. It was important that we helped the customer understand the value of our unique selling proposition if we were going to have selling success. 

EHCOnomics helps the customer understand their expectation, the value of their expectation, and what is involved in the meeting, or exceeding their expectation. EHCOnomics helps the customer understand their role and expectation in the partnering process. The utilization of rules of engagement for adoption ensures the successful practice of EHCOnomics. This approach is based on the same rules that we apply to meet mutual expectations that are required for all successful relationships.

The Future

We are looking to share EHCOnomics with the world. We know it is the best-selling system on the market. It addresses every selling challenge that every business is dealing with today, regardless of industry, size of the sales team, size of business, B2B, B2C, C-Level Selling, Channel Selling, Consultive selling, it just doesn’t matter. EHCOnomics is the answer to that mutual always giving relationship that we have been seeking since we heard the phrase WIN-WIN.

We have launched EHCOnomics licensing program to partner with talented sales trainers, and salespeople that are looking to provide a complete selling solution to their clients. EHCOnomics resources are available in an LMS style solution. We will always be dedicated to continued development by providing detailed sales audits, sales waste audits, sales manuals with the EHCOnomics framework that clients can access from anywhere, sales management tools, territory plans, sales strategy plans, CRM workflow, and sales adoption guides for quality assurance. 

The best way to be successful in economics is to sell with EHCOnomics. 

“Most businesses think they have a sales problem. THEY ARE WRONG!
Most businesses have good people doing good work, what they have is a systems problem…”

Edward Henry

Why Us

The EHCO Difference


Keep your customers accountable during the sales process. Make sure that they are doing what they said that they would do when they said they would do it.

We Make the process Easy

One of the biggest things most organizations haven't learned yet is that they are giving their customers too much work.

Transparent training systems

Monitor your teams progress while being trained and understand who needs additional guidance in what areas in real time.

Full Adoption Support

We stick around to assist with the adoption process and make sure you have all the tools needed to get everyone up to speed and executing.