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At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a substantial drop in the ability to create or close sales, but over time deal creation and closing seem to be picking back up. Almost overnight everything about the way we sell and do business has changed, even the answers coming from leadership are unclear of how far reaching the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic will be. Remote sales skills have become crucial to the success of your organization simply because of the rate the pandemic has accelerate the need to work remotely. 

The “new normal” has left many organizations across the world scrambling to provide their sales professionals with the resources they need to be able to operate successfully and efficiently remotely, which for most of us means from home. It doesn’t matter if you are a sales leader,  a small business owner, or a sales manager you unquestionably need to understand what remote selling is, and how to lead a remote sales team. Including what skills and resources your team will need to succeed in a virtual selling environment. Social Distance Selling does exactly that, pre-pandemic most salespeople were doing about 25%-30% of their sales activity virtually. As of May 2020 that number has skyrocketed to over 70% – That is an increase of over 150%.substantial

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How to adapt to social distance changes

During hard times, you have a rare chance to strengthen your business, and develop yourself as a leader that sees opportunities where others see challenges.

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Effective social distance pipeline management

People stop buying what they want in a down-turned economy.  How are you positioning your offering  to serve people what they need?

8 closing strategies

8 Closing Techniques for Social Distance Selling

Your business lives and dies on your ability to pique curiosity and create doubt within your customers mind. Explore the different ways to successfully do just that.

There are pros and cons for all things including remote sales, but with remote selling as a tool in your arsenal, you will be much more successful in today’s economy. Sales conversations have long been taking place without buyers and sellers in the same physical location. The rise of live meeting software like Zoom and GoToMeeting has led to more aspects of the sales process being able to occur virtually. Which can save you time as well as open up your services to a global market as opposed to needing to stay within a given territory you can physically access.

Remote selling, or virtual selling, is a buying cycle where the majority of sales conversations occur with the buyers and sellers in different physical locations. There is no expectation for the technologies that need to be used. Before the pandemic came upon us in 2019, CNBC noted that 43% of Americans work remotely occasionally. But in fact, the slow shift has been upon us for more than a decade. Recently  Salesforce took a look at the rising importance of virtual selling. In the subsequent report, Salesforce notes that nearly 44% of their selling time was in person with customers, and roughly 32% was meeting with customers virtually. The rest of the time was spent prospecting.

Burn this into your memory – the purpose of your remote selling technology setup is to make your meetings as smooth and stable as possible!  No matter how much you like your wireless headphones, or how inconvenient you find an ethernet connection…get over it. Make choices in your tech setup that make your meetings as smooth and stable as you possibly can.

The elements of remote selling are no different than they are for in-person sales. The necessary steps for success in sales remain predominantly unchanged. A successful sales meeting requires preparation ahead of the meeting. This preparation does not change when shifting to virtual, but additional preparations s are also required, primarily to ensure the technology supports and enhances the meeting outcomes rather than interferes. Technology is great when it working properly but if we are unfamiliar or haven’t taken the proper steps to ensure a smooth meeting it can create an entirely new dilemma for the salesperson.

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Before the meeting

  • Can your customer use the meeting technology you are planning to use?
  •  Is my environment acceptable?
  • Are your speakers and microphones working?
  • Are the applications and content required for this meeting running and available?
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During the meeting

  • Turn off alerts, set devices to Do Not Disturb.
  • Ask for permission and if permitted, record the meeting.
  • Am I centered on the screen?
  • Is my video turned on?
  • Be your authentic self. 
  • Look into the camera (eye contact)
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After the meeting

  • Exit the meeting.
  • make sure the meeting is ended properly before making any comments
  • Save the meeting recording 
  • Add call notes in your CRM, or someplace where you can review it later.
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