Strategic Sales Trainings Outline

Module 1

Prospecting Prospect Managing

Module 2

Network Matrix Prospecting Time Management

Module 3

Using Script for Prospecting

Module 4

The essentials of successful prospecting Referrals

Module 5

Introduction Territory Space Awareness – “Do’s & Don’ts”

Module 6

Qualification /Needs Analysis Identifying the customer solution

Module 7

Presentation FAB Sequence Marketing Mix

Module 8

Trial Close Meeting Objections

Module 9

Closing Sales Essentials of Closing

Module 10

Account Management

Module 11

Fundamentals of CRM

Module 12

Pipeline Management

Training will be completed using a blended learning approach to facilitate the needs of the company and the participants. Education aids include: Sales Manual & Workbook

Total Training time 75 hours.


     $6,795.00 plus HST  Per Person


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Module 1       Prospecting & Prospect Management

  • Elements of the Prospecting Pool
  • Managing your prospect opportunities
  • Pipeline Management

Module 2       Network Matrix, Prospect Time Management

  • Identifying your network
  • Contact Management
  • Planning (Prospect Approach)
  • Scheduling prospect activity from elements of the prospect pool

Module 3       Using Script for Prospecting

  • Scripting for peaking curiosity
  • Scripting for creating doubt
  • Overcoming initial resistance
  • Developing your 30 second elevator speech

Module 4        The essentials of successful prospecting, Referrals

  • Prospecting procedures
  • Personal Marketing (How to represent your brand with professionalism)
  • Calling times based on industries and professions
  • 4 Stage Referral Process

Module 5        Introduction, Territory Space Awareness

  • Introduction – Representative
  • Introduction – Company
  • Introduction – Summary
  • Introduction – Product/Service
  • Territory Space – Do’s & Don’ts

Module 6        Qualification/Needs Analysis, Identify the customer Solution

  • Qualification – Customer Problems
  • Qualification – Budget
  • Needs Analysis – Proof of Concept
  • Use of questioning
  • Probing for competitive considerations by the prospect

Module 7        Presentation, FAB Sequence, Marketing Mix

  • Feature, Advantage & Benefits
  • Marketing Mix (Company, Warranties, Guarantees, Level of Service etc…)
  • Planting information for Upselling
  • Essentials of creating a Unique Selling Proposition

Module 8       Trial Close, Meeting Objections

  • Determine the right Closing Method
  • Stalls vs Objections
  • Probing Stalls to find the specific objection
  • Addressing Objections
  • Rules to Responding to Objections

Module 9       Closing Sales, Essentials of Closing

  • When to ask for the sale
  • Essentials of Closing
  • Overcoming difficulties to Closing
  • 12 Keys to Successful Closing

Module 10      Account Management

  • Assessing customer needs for upselling additional products/services
  • Using selling processing to creating new opportunity
  • Logging important customer communication & Tasks (Elements of Customer Satisfaction)
  • Customer Task Management

Module 11      Fundamentals of CRM

  • Sales Process vs CRM Sales Stages
  • Define your Sales Cycle
  • Using CRM reports to minimize time waste
  • Critical customer data to capture in CRM

Module 12      Pipeline Management

  • Understanding sales forecasting (Sales probability stages and closed/won dates)
  • Managing ABC rate customers by Customer Engagement

Funding Assistance Available To Qualifying Businesiness

Employment training can be costly to most companies but even more strenuous on most small businesses. Edward Henry Company provides employment sales training for employees that are approved through Canada’s Job Grant, allowing your business to train your salespeople to win at a fraction of the traditional cost. The application process is simple.

Eligibility guidelines listed below:

  • You are licensed to operate your business in Ontario;
  • You are applying to train an Ontario resident you employ or will employ;
  • You are applying for training that will be delivered in Ontario and is related to a job that is also located in Ontario;
  • You are in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act;
  • You are in compliance with all applicable federal and provincial human rights legislation, regulations, and any other relevant standards;
  • You have adequate third-party liability insurance as advised by your insurance broker;
  • You have Workplace Safety Insurance coverage;
  • You are not a federal, provincial, or municipal government or agency;
  • You are not a designated broader public sector organization, as defined by the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act;
  • You are not a district social services administration board established under the District Social Services Administration Boards Act, notwithstanding their exclusion under the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act;
  • You are not an Employment Service or a Canada-Ontario Job Grant service provider;
  • You are not in receipt of other government funds related to the same skills training for the same individual(s); and
  • You must not use training participants to displace existing staff or replace staff currently on lay-off.
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