Everyone wants to follow a true Sales Leader

The sales team wants to follow him or her because THEY want to win and they know that will benefit both the organization and themselves.  Many companies have good sales managers but so few have powerful sales LEADERS.  Being a leader rather than a manager is much more about day-to-day execution and coaching their sales teams to help them sell more effectively.

There are certain traits that help you differentiate a sales leader from a sales manager.  These two terms are often used interchangeably but many of us confuse the concept of leadership with the “role” of management. 

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 The good news is all of these qualities can be taught and learned.  Change Happens After Management Performs or CHAMP.  Our CHAMP CAMP program is designed to help sales managers understand and execute their responsibilities on a higher level to lead their sales teams toward the betterment of the overall organization.  Like any skill, it will take time to develop the qualities that make an effective leader, however, you will get there.  Along the way you will also be making gradual improvements that benefit the entire team.  

The problem is that a lot of sales managers were never taught how to lead.  They were only taught how to manage tasks like budgeting, sales forecasting, hiring and more.  In other words, managers were taught how to make people complete tasks related to their work.  But as Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “Leadership is the art of getting something you want done because HE wants to do it.” 

LEADERS inspire, Managers improve.  The good news is that ALL of these skills can be learned!

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Recent studies show that 69% of salespeople who exceeded their annual quotas reported that their sales manager was above average of excellent.  In addition, the quality of an organization is directly connected to the quality of the sales leadership in that organization.  56% of people salespeople who reported their sales organization as excellent also gave their sales manager a grade of above average or excellent compared to the 3% who rated their organization as only average.

Sales Leaders create an environment where there is a higher level of accountability and a culture of constant improvement without also creating copious amounts of negative stress and fear.  In essence, the command instinct is responsible for creating the peer pressure and attention-seeking environment that eliminates complacency.  Today’s top sales leaders have one major thing common.  They are data-driven.  For the sales strategy to be effective, the leader must be analytical and make decisions based on real data of results and not just on gut instinct and past experience.

At Edward Henry Company we can train your sales leaders to embody the true meaning of their position. We will show you how to create an environment within your organization that will inspire your sales teams to strive to be peak performers in every area of their job. Leadership always begins from the top down, let us show you how it’s done.

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